Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014 - In which the Lord's work continues

Dear family,

It's nice to be writing again! I'm glad that I have a bit more time this week to write than last.

We're doing pretty well here in Hradec Králové! Last Tuesday as I mentioned we went to a baptism for someone whom Elder Scherf taught while he served in Liberec. It was held at a pond just outside a smaller town called Železný Brod, where the convert lives. For lack of a better word, the spot was beautiful (I'd send a photo, but the computer isn't accepting my SD card today). The Spirit was present very strongly. It was a very simple service (the speakers had an emergency and couldn't make it to the baptism) but we missionaries sang "I Feel My Savior's Love" in Czech and while Elder Scherf and the convert were changing we had a little testimony meeting. It was wonderful! :)

Unfortunately last week we had a couple of rejections from people that we had a lot of hopes for. One of them was someone we were only able to meet with once, but we thought had a lot of potential. The second we had been meeting with regularly most of last transfer. He told us that he was getting a lot from coming to church and it seemed that the Spirit was really working with him, but he made the decision yesterday to stop coming and meeting with us. He told us that he wants to see how he can go it alone without the Church. That was quite disappointing, but I really hope that he makes the choice to come back.

Yesterday we were able to see the T again! They've been very sick all of this transfer so far, but we stopped by yesterday to leave a small painting of Jesus Christ and zucchini bread and they let us come in for a bit longer :) That was the first time that we had seen them since before Elder Bushnell was transferred to Prague. They're doing alright. It's a little sad, because they seem to be living in fear of what bad influences can do to them and they seem to have forgotten some of the hope that our message brings. We're excited to be able to start helping them again, though.

Last week we also met with P again. (Last week I wrote home about him and Mom pointed out that I had never mentioned him before... oops! When everything was happening with V I probably didn't have time to say anything about him.) We've met with him five or six times now, and he's agreed to be baptized on the 12th of July. We're really hoping that he can make his date, but we're not too sure about how much is really sinking in with him. We're hoping to figure more of that out this week!

Unfortunately I'm just about out of time now, but I love you! Have a fabulous week.

Elder Boyce

Elder Yantez, Elder Scherf, Elder Sylvester, & Elder Boyce singing at Baptism (picture e-mailed by Sister Bell, a senior humanitarian aid missionary)

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