Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014 - In which we meet with V every day

Dear family,

We have been super busy this week with teaching V. We really wanted to be able to have as much new doctrine taught last week so that there would be no surprises at all this week before her baptism, so we met with her every day last week (except Sunday) to teach as much as possible. We definitely saw some miracles from that. We had to teach every commandment other than the law of chastity for the first time this past week, and she accepted each one! She still has some challenges, though. She still doesn't feel like she's received an answer to her prayers about whether or not the Book of Mormon is true. We're really hoping and praying that she'll resolve that concern, because we can't just hand that to her. Tomorrow there's a fireside in Prague with a Seventy, Sister Wixom of the RS Gen Presidency and the General President of the Primary that she'll be able to go to with the Bells. We're really hoping that will help.

We had a ton of things happen this past week. This transfer is wrapping up very quickly (this is the last week) and we're trying to get as much in order as possible and trying to make sure that we are as successful as possible. I finally realized this past week how much I'm able to say and do during contancts and lessons. In the past I've been more content to let Elder Bushnell (and Elder Gilmore) say more things but I've become a lot more confident in leaping into teaching and trying to add more. I feel like I'm contributing significantly more.

I feel so at home here in Hradec Králové! Being here is so great and I hope I never get transferred away (though speaking like that this is probably my last week here!).

Anyway, love you! Have a great week.

Starší Boyce

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