Monday, June 16, 2014

Juen 16, 2014 - In which I hurry with people

Dear family,

Quite the busy week last week! Last Monday, as I mentioned I got a new companion, Elder Scherf. He's pretty great. He's starting his sixth transfer, and has served in Brno and Liberec before now. He's from Las Vegas, but all of his family is from Austria. He's the first that was born in America! He's a good missionary.

We put a really big focus on finding last week. Due to a lot of people not being able to meet with us we spent a lot of time walking around Hradec, trying to talk to people. Finding for such long periods of time I think made me a bit more persistent; one of the most common responses we get when trying to stop someone on the street is "Spěchám," which means "I'm hurrying" or "I'm in a rush." Last week I started asking people, "Můžeme spěchat s vámi?" which means "Can we hurry with you?" It wasn't always successful, but we were able to have a lot more meaningful conversations with people!

We had a couple of first lessons last week, but so far no new investigators this transfer. We're hoping that will change again this week, though!

Last Tuesday we were able to meet with V for the last time this summer. She had to be back in Hradec for a workshop at the university, so we were able to meet after English class. It was a pretty good lesson. We were able to go over the qualifications for baptism with her pretty in depth, which I think helped her a lot. Elder Bushnell is working with her in Prague now, but I hear that she's doing well.

Yesterday was Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to everyone. We were able to have dinner with the Bells, which was really nice. They even provided us with root beer floats!

This week we have a mission tour by President Teixeira of the Area Presidency and his wife. We're quite excited for it. We have a special training this week for the missionaries, and President has said that they're planning on how the Czech Republic can become a stake this year. We've been preparing spiritually for quite a while, and we're pretty excited.

I'm afraid that's about the time I have for today! Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Excited to tell you about the training we're going to have!

Elder Boyce

PS I told Mom that I know how to make homemade bread now, and she was very surprised.... It's true, I'm afraid. It's Elder Bushnell's recipe :)

The observation tower we climbed last week.
The view at the top!

 View of Hradec Králové

We did service in a town called Červený Kostelec. That means "Red Little Cathedral."

My homemade bread!  It makes a yummy grilled cheese sandwich!

Father's Day dinner with the Bell's.  Left to right; Elder Pruden, Elder Scherf (Daniel's companion) , Elder Bell, Elder Foster, me.
Root beer floats at the Bell's!

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