Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24, 2014 - In which we have training with President and Sister Teixeira

Dear family,

I've only got about five minutes to write this! I couldn't even read email today. I just snapped some pictures of it. We've only had about half an hour of emailing today because we have to leave to go to a small town to baptize someone that Elder Scherf taught. Maybe we'll get our other hour when we get home, but I doubt it...

Training with the Teixeiras last week was great! Normally we also hear from the zone leaders, sister training leaders, and assistants to the President at training, but last week it was only President and Sister McConkie and the Teixeiras. It was a really great training. We learned a lot about almost everything, and I felt like I had to spend last week relearning how to do missionary work with everything that the Teixeiras left us (and I'm still working!)

Quick updates: The T's are sick so we weren't able to visit last week. P is doing alright and is still on his date for the 12th of next month, but we'll need to start meeting with him more often for him to be prepared. Unfortunately we still haven't found anyone new this transfer, but we're still hoping so!

Unfortunately that's about all the time I have for now. Hopefully I can write more later, but if not know that I'm alive and well and also Czech weather is extremely weird.

Elder Boyce

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