Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014 - In which we walk into WWII and we eat lunch with a nun

Dear family,

Over the weekend we had two of the funniest experiences of my life.

The first: Every two weeks Elder Bushnell, the Bells, and I clean the Catholic cathedral on the main square for service. We know the nicest old lady, Jana, there who's in charge of cleaning, and so we help every two weeks and then have a fruit tea and Czech cake afterwards. When we walked out of service on Saturday there were Nazis everywhere. Nazi vehicles with the flag of the Third Reich hanging from them, Nazi soldiers walking around, women wearing clothes from the 40s, you probably get the picture. Elder Bushnell and I were a bit shocked for a moment. Once we recovered, we realized that we were not being invaded again, but there was some sort of historical recreation. There was even a band playing in the background the General's theme from Bridge Over the River Kwai (which we got a kick out of). We walked slowly along the náměstí towards home, and got a pretty good look at all the Nazi vehicles (which were really cool). We were about to go into our apartment (which is on the náměstí) when we heard drums from the around the corner. We waited a second, and then bagpipes started playing. Around the corner came marching towards the Nazis a group of equally authentic British soldiers, carrying an enormous Union flag at the head. That was basically the greatest moment of my life. It was too bad that I didn't have my camera with me :)

The second: On Sunday Jana invited us, the Bells, and the missionaries from Pardubice to eat lunch at an activity put on by the Catholic church. We had really tasty guláš (made by nuns, so I'm told) in a Czech garden and it was the best day. It was much like a ward party at home except with guláš, nuns, and our members don't get drunk at parties! The picture attached is with us, one of the nuns, and Jana. Also a former missionary (the one not wearing a nametag on the far left) that served in Pardubice was invited. It was basically a party.

V is doing alright. She still has some pretty serious concerns about the law of chastity and still won't commit to live it. We're hoping to get that resolved this week... and teach the rest of the commandments! We'll be meeting a lot. Commandments are sometimes very difficult for people to accept. I'm really glad that we have commandments, though, because they are so important for us to be happy!

Anyway, I'm out of time! I wanted you to have those stories, though. The T's are also doing well. We'll see them again this week.

Elder Boyce

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