Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 - In which Sister Š got baptized!

Dear family,

Another very rapid week! I have more time to share the highlights today, though.

Friday we had our baptismal service for Sister Š in Brno! It was a nice baptism. There were only about ten of us that made it out, but Sister Š quite frankly seemed to want it that way! (When we asked last Monday who she'd like to invite, it was a battle to even get the people we had there.) It was her baptism, though, so that was fine :)

One of the missionaries who found and started teaching her last May, Elder Eliason, also happened to be in Brno on exchanges that day, so he was able to attend. Elder Eliason and the branch mission leader from here in Třebíč gave talks, and then Elder Gilmore, Elder Eliason, and I sang "I Am a Child of God" in English (because Sister Š likes that hymn but thought it would be prettier in English for some reason).

Sister Š was EXTREMELY nervous before her baptism. Most people are nervous before they're baptized, but she was still anxious even in the water. After the baptism by one of the members, though, she was completely different. She was very peaceful and happy! I was very glad to see her get baptized and then confirmed yesterday. She has been waiting for the peace that baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost brings for months.

As I mentioned last week, M's baptism had to be pushed back to this week. That is quite solidly on Friday at 6pm in Jihlava, and we've even got many of the members to be able to come. That should be a great service.

I've already come to the last week of my first transfer! It's truly flown here, and I have no idea if I'll stay here in Třebíč for the next transfer or not. I won't find out until Saturday night, either! I'm excited, though. A little nervous for a new transfer, too.

I hope you all enjoy General Conference this weekend! In the Czech Republic we won't get to see it until the 13th and 14th. We might be able to get the audio next week on our phones, but I hope you all enjoy hearing from the living prophets before I do :)

Have a great week!

Elder Boyce

A panoramic view of Třebíč
Me and Třebíč and a regrettably large bush

Mom requested this picture of me with Třebíč in the background!

The Třebíč clock tower and smokestack...

..and stork!

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