Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014 - In which I arrive in Hradec Králové

Dear family,

I'm no longer in Třebíč! I got transferred today to Hradec Králové, which is a larger city in the northern part of Bohemia, fairly close to the border of Poland. I'm getting follow-up trained by Elder Bushnell, who actually trained Elder Pitt last transfer. It sounds like we're going to be very busy this transfer; our area is taking on the work of two other areas and we're going to be very busy! I haven't met anyone here yet, but it will be fun.

Spring is starting to bloom here in the Czech Republic! For about two weeks I've noticed a few flowers were starting to pop up, but it appears that the avalanche of flowers is beginning to arrive. The trees are beginning to grow new leaves (or blossom!), there are bunches of wildflowers starting to pop up in the grass, and huge bushes of golden flowers are blooming. It's been getting gradually warmer, and this week I might even venture outside in short sleeves!

M's baptism went off almost without a hitch last Friday, and she's doing really well. We had it a hotel's jacuzzi in Jihlava. It was a nice service, but definitely different from Sister Š's. Quite a few members made it out for the baptism, which was great, but the space we had it in wasn't really designed for the amount of people that came! The room we rented with the jacuzzi was pretty cramped, and during the talks Elder Gilmore, Elder Neumann, and I had to actually stand in the rinse-off shower to the side. We came out to do a musical number and see the baptism itself, though! After the baptism we had some refreshments at the church building in Jihlava before heading home. Unfortunately most of the refreshments were provided by Elder Gilmore and I, but they ended up being edible (though we learned that vanilla extract is MUCH stronger in the Czech Republic than in America). We saw M yesterday after her confirmation at church, and she's really happy.

Sister Š is also doing well after her baptism and confirmation. When we've visited or called her this past week, she's seemed much happier and more upbeat. She's going to be a great member.

Truly the highlights of the past week have been M's baptism and confirmation and transfers, though we also had a Mormon Helping Hands project last Saturday where we cleaned up trash in the river park in Třebíč. That was mostly uneventful, but I mention it because at one point we turned around and there was a man wearing a black hooded robe in the distance behind us who appeared to be leading a large group of children along the path (or just happened to be waking in front of them). When we looked behind us a few minutes later, he and the children had entirely disappeared. It was spoookkyyyy!

I'm excited to be here in HK! It sounds like it'll be a busy time, but I'm excited. I'm learning how to study and teach more, and it will be great.

Elder Boyce

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