Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014 - In which we have a temporary setback

Dear family,

I think the best way this week to catch up will be to talk about each person that we've been working with.

M: You were probably hoping to see that she got baptized this week, but no baptism! Unfortunately she got sick on Friday night so we had to cancel it last-minute. That fairly accurately describes how our first baptismal service came together. We're not sure how many members would have come, either, because it came together so late and we have to have it in Jihlava, which is an hour train ride. We have a new date for 22 March, so we hope to make it a great service! She's still doing well, other than sick!

Sister Š: She is at the tipping point! I don't know how much I have detailed this, but for the past three weeks we have been working and working with her to have enough trust in the Lord to accept tithing. We have taught faith about as many ways as one can! The other day we joked that we don't just need a battering ram for Fort Šuteríková, we need the Grok from the siege on Mínas Tirith from Lord of the Rings, a flaming, fiery battering ram that is shaped like a wolf's head. At our last lesson, we invited one of the members, and we got it! That was an intense lesson. She doesn't know it yet, but we're hoping that she can also be baptized on the 22nd :)

I: She's started to progress! She still hasn't come to church yet, unfortunately, but last time she started to keep commitments and so she's progressing! She said she doesn't want to change religions, but she also wants to do the commitments, so we'll see!

R and M are two new investigators! I'm so excited for them! R seems really solid. We're excited to get to know them better.

I'm doing great! I'm trying to throw myself into the work as much as I possibly can. It was a little disappointing that M wasn't baptized, but I realized that baptisms aren't technically success. Success is consecrating myself, and giving all of my fear and everything to the Lord so that I can be a more effective instrument in His hands. I've been focusing on doing exactly that, and I've been so blessed with the Spirit working through me more and more and that my prayers and studies are much more meaningful.

I love you all! I'm doing well.

Elder Boyce

PS Zone Conference is in Bratislava this month! I GET TO GO TO SLOVAKIA IN TEN DAYS!

Walking back into town after a lesson this week.

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