Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014 - In which.....

Dear family,

It has been quite a whirlwhind week! Last Monday for P-day we went to the ruined castle Rokštejn with the Elders in Jihlava. That was pretty fun! Spring is beginning to come in fits and starts, and we had to walk a little bit through the highland countryside to get to Rokštejn from the train station. I (naturally) did my best to recreate the cover of the Sound of Music, as you should be able to see below. Some things never change. Rokštejn itself was also a cool place. I've attached some more photos of that below and our recreation of a scene from Lord of the Rings in the forest, also....

On Tuesday we had an intense lesson with Sister Š. She agreed to prepared to be baptized on the 28th! It was very exciting, though, because basically we said that it was do-or-die at this point, and fortuanately she picked "do." :)

Last Wednesday we had District Meeting in Jihlava at the Bell's house, and President McConkie also came and sat in on that. Instead of returning to Třebíč like normal after District Meeting, we went directly from Jihlava to Velké Meziříčí to try and catch two appointments there. Velké Meziříčí is a little town about halfway between Třebíč and Brno that actually had to be annexed into the Třebíč Branch/Area so we could have our branch president! It's about 45 minutes away from Třebíč and features about the largest bridge in (I think) all of continental Europe. Unfortunately both of our appointments fell through (one didn't show up on the town square, and one either accidentally or on purpose said his address is the one of a public playground...) but we were able to meet with our branch president before we headed home for a lesson with M (she changed her date to the 28th so she could be part of a double baptism). That was quite a day!

Thursday we had three lessons with set up with someone new, M, and I right after each other at the building. Our branch mission leader was a total borec, though, (which is the Czech equivalent for "boss") and came for the first one with the new person (who didn't show up) and stayed for three hours until the end of I's. M, unfortunately, doesn't have much interest in the message and so we dropped him, but I's lesson went alright and she agreed to come to church finally (which she did!).

Friday we had another lesson with Sister Š to solidify her date. We still think that she can make it, but she shared with us another concern that wouldn't stop her from being baptized, but is making her very anxious. I'd say more about it, but she asked us to keep it to ourselves.

Saturday we visited a lot of our recent converts and less actives. We're really trying to help Sister M have desire to come to church and help Sister Č with some of her health problems, but we're a little frustrated there.

Sunday I came to church! That was exciting. Probably no one entirely new has come to church in Třebíč in about six months! We're hoping to continue to work to change that :)

This upcoming week is going to be insane! Tonight and tomorrow we're having exchanges, so I'll be serving in Jihlava for a day.Thursday we're going to Bratislava very early in the morning for Zone Conference, and then we probably won't return again until quite late! Also President McConkie will probably be coming to Třebíč this week or next for the day, so that will be exciting.

It's been quite a tiring week, but also good! Still working on Czech, being a good teacher, and not being too hard on myself, but we're doing well! We've had a lot of logistical problems with setting up the baptisms (you've probably noticed dates flying everywhere...) since the closest place with an actual baptismal font is Brno, and so we don't have the luxury of picking an ideal date for everyone! Generally we have to rent a pool, and availability has been a challenge. We're hoping to continue to resolve these problems, though.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week!

Starší Boyce

the ruined castle Rokštejn

The "hills are alive" near the ruined castle Rokštejn

Elder Weyland as Frodo, Elder Neumann as another Hobbit, and me as a Ringwraith

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