Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014 - In which we fly from one thing to the next

Dear family,

Last week was quite the week! It was extremely hektický, and frankly again it was just quite the week. I don't have time to tell about everything, but highlights:

On Tuesday we had exchanges, where I worked in Jihlava with Elder Neumann and Elder Gilmore stayed here in Třebíč with Elder Neumann's companion, Elder Weyland. That was a day! In the morning we had two back-to-back lessons, I gave a blessing (in apparently understandable Czech), and then we spent the whole day on the náměstí contacting. I also got sick that day! It was crazy.

Thursday we drove to Bratislava for Zone Conference with the Jihlava Elders. Zone Conference was great! We had a "Fundamentals Boot Camp" where we went over the basics of teaching from Preach My Gospel. Also the departing missionaries gave their testimonies. After conference, we had a walking tour through old Bratislava! That was great! It was fun to learn more about Slovakia (and I also got to have McDonald's for lunch).

Sunday I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting in Czech! I had no voice because I was still sick!

Update with Sister S and M: We have a baptism in Brno Friday, and M will have to be next week (unfortunately) due to conflicts with school.

Elder Boyce

Wayne found this picture on Elder Neumann's blog; the elders at the ruined castle Rokštejn last week.
The following pictures are from Daniel's Zone Conference trip in Bratislava, Slovakia.  They are of the older part of the city.

This man was sketching scenes from the older parts of Bratislava.

This photo is of the American embassy in Bratislava. You could tell which one is the American embassy because they took a really important building on the main náměstí (square) and chunked off a huge chunk of the náměstí itself with security. (All of the other countries play nice with their embassies...)

Elder Neumann. When we were getting gas on the way home he was very proud of himself for getting it to cost exactly 1100 Kč (which is $55.50 in US dollars).

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