Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2016 - In which we have another transfer day

Dear family,

Last week was eventful as ever! I learned a lot last week and we were working hard. We found a couple of great people and are excited for the upcoming week. We had a few more lessons with members present than we've been having in the recent past, which was great. Our branch president's wife visited an investigator with us and E visited Sister D with us. Both were good visits. Sister D is doing quite well. It was great to have E there, also; Sister D LOVES her and invited her to come back whenever she wanted. E was also a great asset in teaching Sister D. She teaches really well.

We don't have too big of an update on J. We met with M and him last Monday night to read the scriptures together, which they enjoyed. We're meeting with J and hopefully also M tomorrow after English.

We're still working with D. He was very sick last week, so we weren't able to meet, but he tried to come to church yesterday. He made it there before sacrament meeting started, but he was feeling so unwell that he headed home. It was a bummer that he couldn't stay, but we felt like there was definitely some effort there from him to come back.

I saw this week how God won't leave us even when we're weak. There were a couple of instances that showed that. On Friday night Elder Dean and I were heading back from seeding in a neighborhood at the outskirts of Zlín. We were coming back to the center about an hour and a half later than we expected because we got REALLY turned around in the area where we were seeding and I was feeling a little defeated because we were coming back so late. We had had on plan at that time language study, so we were starting to head back in, but I felt like we needed to still talk to more people that day. I battled a little bit with the prompting, but then we decided to family history contact like we had wanted to earlier when seeding had gone over time. We set off to do so and the second person we tried to stop was probably the only YSA male in Zlín that's interested in his ancestors (I do know that there are more actually) and was really interested in meeting with us. Just a few steps later a very kind lady contacted US. She had met the missionaries a few years before and wanted to say hello. She ended up not being interested, but she was trying to be kind and I knew that God wasn't looking to punish us even though we hadn't been feeling very good about ourselves. On Saturday a similar thing happened when somehow we got wildly off our planned schedule (this time because of unforseen teaching opportunities) and we were again feeling a little down because we felt like we were running out of time to get things set up and find new people. I felt like we needed to go out and find instead of going in, and battled a little with the prompting again before heading out. The first people that we talked to became new investigators! I know that God wants us to be successful, and is willing to keep working with us.

Today was transfer day! Elder Dean went to Jihlava to be follow-up trained by Elder Page, and I stayed in Zlín to follow-up train Elder Newman. He seems great, and we'll have a great transfer :)

Lots went on this week, but I'm about out of time. Thank you so much for your support!

Elder Boyce

Last Tuesday was Zone Conference in Brno. Elder Cottle (a senior missionary serving in Bratislava) took photos of pretty much everything and so I'm sending along a few photos that I was in :)

Last night while tracting Elder Dean and I taught this really nice couple. They weren't interested in the end, but they cut us huge slabs freshly-baked, traditional blueberry and raspberry cake for the road. IT WAS SO GOOD

It's transfer day but I'm still in Zlín! Elder Newman came from Olomouc this morning. I'm follow-up training again :) He was trained by Elder Nelson last transfer, one of my MTC companions.

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