Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 2, 2015 - In which the first freeze comes

Dear family,

This week has been really interesting. I'm not certain what I really have to update on from our area because we weren't able to meet with many of our investigators :) J and M ended up not being able meet, and our other newer people were also unable to meet with us. We were able to have a good visit with Sister D, though. A member came with us. She continues to do well.

We've done a lot of finding during the last week! Working with Elder Newman has been good. He's more soft-spoken than Elder Dean, but he has a powerful testimony and when he gets it out you know that he means it. It's not complicated and he doesn't a lot of words or anything, but you can feel the Spirit behind his words. I'm hoping that I can be a good example for him.

We've met some really interesting people. Most of them have been really nice! We've taught a lot of first lessons during the last week, but the people we've taught haven't shared much interest in having a second lesson. Such is missionary life sometimes. It's been a little disheartening, but I can still feel it in my heart that something is going to change in the Czech Republic. I didn't mention it last week, but we started last Sunday (a week ago) as a mission to read the whole Book of Mormon before Christmas. Not only are the current missionaries reading, but President managed to challenge all of the missionaries that have served here since the fall of communism, as well. We're really close to a Stake, and we're working hard to get as much done during the last two months of the year as possible. I'm not certain what will happen during the next couple of months, but I feel like something is coming :)

During the last week, but I've been finding a lot of strength in the things that I've learned throughout my mission. Even though I've had the feeling this week like I'm perhaps performing below my personal average, I've seen how much strength I've gained already from the Savior and it helps me to see that I'll do better in the long run. Using my agency to exercise faith when faced with opposition has pushed me through everything else so far in my mission, and the past experiences have been giving me a lot of strength now.. I've written probably more than 700 pages in my study journals where I've been studying and seeking answers to other questions and fears and concerns that I and my investigators have had throughout my mission, and as I've been looking through them throughout the last week it's been helping. It's been great!

I don't have too much more to say for now (and I'm about out of time), but till next week we're going to keep working hard and doing our best here in Zlín.

Elder Boyce

PS It's getting cold now. This morning when we went running the ground was still covered with frost!

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