Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015 - In which I have a Samuel the Lamanite moment

Dear family,

Last week went pretty well. We had some interesting ups and downs! We met some great people that were really nice, and at those times it was really easy to be a missionary. On Friday we had a funny experience where a lady was really apologetic as she was hurrying away from us for an appointment. We gave her a pass-along card, and she was so grateful and promised us to take a look as she hurried away. It was the most validating pass-along card handoff ever :) We met some other great people that we're set up with and we have a good-looking week ahead of us. We had some more difficult moments, though. For example where we were stuck in circles not being able to help someone understand that prayer actually does work or more than half of our current investigators going on vacation for two weeks and so on. Friday was a really difficult day, and it was difficult to keep going. We decided, to though, and as soon as we went back out someone threw beer at me from across the street. I felt like Samuel the Lamanite, though, because it didn't hit me and even though it landed right in front of me all that splashed on me was one drop! Even though this week has been difficult, it made me think that the Lord is definitely aware of me and not letting me go through something that I can't handle without His help. While there may be crazy or upsetting things flying around me, I still know who I've trusted.

I don't have time to go into too many details, but we did teach Sister D this week. We talked about having help from the Savior while changing, because she sometimes shares feelings of being overwhelmed. I think it was good, and it's great to hear her testimony. We hope that she'll make it to church next week.

We taught J on Tuesday. We had a great discussion about the Sacrament, why we would want to remember the Savior in the first place, and how we can remember Him during the Sacrament. He and M had some great insights about the Savior. He just needs to make his own decision to be baptized, but we're doing our best to help him.

We're working hard here in Zlín. We're praying a lot and always trying to fine-tune our finding and the other aspects of our work. Thanks for all of your love and prayers! I'm out of time, but have a great week!

Elder Boyce

The sunset on Thursday over downtown. We were coming back from tracting

Sunday after church we had a BBQ to send off our missionary. We made a lot of apple muffins, which were a hit! :)

The spread. We had an opekání like during my first week in Zlín. Behind me was the fire for us to roast špekačky (sausages).

The most gourmet fruit cake that the world has ever seen. M made it for our missionary.

Today we went to see this cathedral/former monastery, Velehrad. Every year thousands of pilgrims gather here because it has a connection to the patron saints of Europe, Cyril and Metoděj (I don't what there English names are), who introduced Christianity (and literacy if I remember correctly) to this end of Europe. I only got some exterior photos because photography inside wasn't allowed, but it was a pretty cathedral. There was an interesting exhibit about how many thousands of pilgrims even managed to gather here in 1984 during Communism despite lots of government opposition.

I liked this statue because you don't often see statues of the resurrected Savior here. The inscription is "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest!" Matt. 11:28

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