Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015 - In which we bake

Dear family,

This week was pretty interesting. Zlín was extremely hot and we baked here! Despite the heat we tried our best to maintain a positive attitude. Lots of people have been hiding inside during the day so we made an adjustment and went knocking on their doors even more than normal. Lots of our plans fell through and didn't turn out quite the way that we expected. Though we taught a lot, we only managed to get one member lesson set up, and we weren't able to get too much set up in general, actually!

The main great news is that J agreed to work together to be baptized on the 22nd of August. We weren't able to meet with him at the normal times last week, but we stopped by last night. We talked about how Peter first met Christ. We used Luke 5 as a base. It was a good lesson. At the beginning of the lesson J told us that he feels like baptism is the correct decision, but is mostly praying about the timing for when he should be baptized. We talked about faith and how it seems to us that his situation is very similar to Peter's there in Luke 5. I'll let you read it yourselves, but it shows how Peter left EVERYTHING to follow the Savior, because he felt something and knew that Jesus was something more than a normal man. The Spirit was there very strongly. We feel like J needs to make a similar decision, like Peter did. We invited him to be baptized on the 22nd and he immediately answered by saying that he would pray about it and also said that he would need to speak with his parents and his older daughter, K, about the decision. I don't think that his parents know much of anything about how he and his family are religious now, and we know that K isn't very supportive. I think that he'll go for it in the end. Even if he doesn't make the 22nd, Elder Page and I agree that if it won't be that day it'll be soon.

We had a few other great successes. Sister D came to church again, we met some really interesting people on the street, and so on :) We met a man from Rome who was here with his wife on vacation. He had heard a lot about us, but a lot of it was wildly inaccurate so we had a fun time answering all of questions about how we actually do believe in Jesus Christ. We had a meeting with a new investigator, M, who also had a lot of great questions. M is from the United Arab Emirates, and talks pretty fast in pretty garbled English. He doesn't speak any Czech. He doesn't have much of a Christian background, so it's exciting to see him hear and put together in his head for the first time a message about Christ.

The heat has been adding some excitement to our work here. And when I say excitement I mean extreme awkwardness. Czechs typically loose all of their clothing when it's hot, and so when we tract we often meet people in their underwear. I've seen more old men in only their underpants than I've ever wanted to see. Sometimes you have to look really closely into people's eyes! :)

Today we went to the Zoo for P-day. I didn't have time to photos, but it was a lot of fun :)

I'm out of time, but we had an exciting week and we're excited for the next one.

Elder Boyce

Today we are at the zoo! We just fed stingrays.

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