Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015 - In which we have training and a couple of shocks

Dear family,

Last was pretty interesting! There were a couple of big surprises with some of our investigators. L, gave us quite the shock. As you know, she's been telling us for a while that she wants to get baptized, but she hadn't made a decision about when. Saturday morning she called and said that she had been praying and had strong impressions about two dates, May 30th or October 10th! She was pretty confused about why they're so far apart because she feels strongly these two dates came from the Holy Ghost. We encouraged her to fast about it yesterday, and the four young missionaries also fasted with her today. We haven't had the chance to talk with her about how her fast went, but we have a lesson with her in about 45 minutes and we'll be able to talk then when we review that baptismal interview questions. We're quite confident that she'd be able to make the 30th of May date if she decides to, but it's mostly up to her.

L has been doing a little better on the health end of things. She hadn't made it to church in the last couple of weeks, and she had been really missing it. She made it out yesterday, though, and was very glad. After church yesterday we went out to visit. We found out that she could have some issues with the commandments that we didn't understand at first. She still really wants to be baptized, but it will take some time and a lot of prayers.

I'm kind of running out of time for emailing, but I feel like those are the most important things from our area last week. H is still doing pretty well. We're kind of struggling to plan what to teach him because we've almost completely run out of the first five lessons to review! We're supposed to maintain the same meeting schedule as before baptism for 90 days afterwards, but we're struggling to feel like our lessons have much left to help him :) We've also had a couple of first lessons, but I'll have to talk more about those people next week.

We had a great zone conference last week. We talked a lot about commitments and seeing our commitment invitations through the eyes of our investigators. I've been thinking a lot more about that during our lessons and my personal study for the lessons, and it's helped. While the main commitment that we extend is the same, it's helped me to realize how we can prepare each investigator from their current spiritual level to understand what we're asking when we invite them to be baptized.

Love you lots!
Elder Boyce

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