Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 - In which we stop at the emergency room

Dear family,

We had a good week last week. Lots of things are going on, but we're working hard to stay on top of everything. It's been both really difficult but of course good. That's life.

L is doing well. She is on track to getting married this Saturday so that she can be prepared to be baptized on the sixth of June. She's keeping all the commandments and is doing well. I think that she wants her fiancee to get baptized also, but we're making sure how muchhe wants to be baptized. :)

L is also doing well. Apparently she's going to have her baptismal interview later this week with Elder Cowley. I think she's ready, we're just helping her get ready for the baptismal service itself and she always has questions for us.

We managed to finally meet with another less-active member, L, who is L's ex-boyfriend. He opened up to us about some of his challenges and is also doing better. We hope that we'll be able to help him. We hope that L getting married and baptized won't push him away from coming to church.

Yesterday was branch conference and so President was here with his family. Branch conference was spiritual and lots of people come, but we almost didn't make it there! Elder Smith woke up in the middle of the night on Saturday and was in extreme pain. We weren't sure what was going on, we thought that maybe he had a kidney stone. We weren't sure what to do so we called Sister McConkie at one in the morning. They were already in Olomouc and President came and took us the hospital. It was good that he was there because the hospital didn't take the Missionary Medical insurance card and so President made the executive decision that we'd pay in cash. I would've been stumped by that :) They did a couple of tests on Elder Smith and figured that it was a kidney stone, gave him some pain medicine and sent us home (after prescribing him to jump around all night and drink a couple of Pilsners). When we got home he jumped around the apartment until about 6am. When we woke up at 7:30, the stones (two, we were surprised to see!) exited his body and then we made it to church (a little late). We tried to do a couple of things in the afternoon after church, but Elder Smith was entirely not functioning. He slept from 4:30pm yesterday until 6:30am today without waking up. And now his back to 100%. That was our adventure!

I don't have any more time, but we're doing well. I'm sorry that the name of almost everyone we teach starts with L. We didn't plan it that way! :)

Elder Boyce

While Elder Nelson and I were on exchanges last week we caught Elder Smith and Elder Petersen at work ;)

But we were most surprised to see this one today! Do you remember him? My follow-up trainer, the former Elder Bushnell came to Olomouc to sightsee today with his family. This is our three-generation photo. We grabbed lunch with him and his family.

Leading the music at Zone conference in Brno.

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