Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 27, 2015 - In which I am a proud parent

Dear family,

Last week was pretty exciting! I felt overall quite a bit more healthy after last Tuesday, though after that day my stomach drove me crazy and I was pretty nauseated most of the week. It was very distracting when trying to stand and talk to people :) Our district is doing pretty well. Elder Petersen and Elder Nelson's miracle investigator, A, is doing well and continues to race towards her baptism on the eighth of May. I'll probably have my first baptismal interview ever with her on Friday or so.

L is doing pretty well. I haven't been out to see her myself during the last week. Considering how I wasn't feeling well most of the week and how she's undergoing chemotherapy, we didn't think it too wise to go out. Elder Smith and Elder Weyland went out to see her on an exchange, though, and she was doing better on the health end. She's struggling to read, etc. but she is keeping the other commandments, from what she says. She's still excited for her baptism on the sixth of June, and is counting down to it. Her mother, who seems to have at least a little bit of dementia, lives with L now. She also REALLY wants to get baptized, but we need to make sure how much she's understanding everything :)

H continues to do well. He blessed the Sacrament for the first time on Sunday. We had practiced it together during the week. He's twenty-five years older than me, but on Sunday I felt like a proud parent :')

(Speaking of being a proud parent, Elder Smith introduced himself in Czech during Sacrament Meeting yesterday. His went a little more gracefully than mine, in case you all remember how that went two months ago, but you know that I was shooting him thumbs up and don't-forget-to-smile-gestures from the back row. I'm probably unbearable as a trainer.)

L is also doing well. I haven't mentioned anything about her in a while, but we went to see her yesterday after church. She didn't make it to church, but we had a nice meeting together.

I'm feeling a little derailed from being sick. Just a little bit disoriented from our goals, we haven't had very good contact with the people that we would like to have contact with, etc. It's going to take a lot of work to get back entirely on track, I feel like, but we'll definitely try. I'm feeling a little doubtful that that will be enough, but I'm also trying to ignore those thoughts! Elder Smith and I both want to teach! :)

Thanks for all your prayers on behalf of me, the other missionaries, and my investigators! We definitely appreciate and need the strength from that. I hope that you had a great week, and that this will be, too!

Elder Boyce

On exchange in Brno
Today we went bowling for P-day.  Poor Elder Smith only got 35 points the first game. :'(

I'm starting to get fancy about my breakfasts (I need to send you Czech fruit tea, also, because it is soooo gooood. That cup is plum with cinnamon. Yummm)
Taking a break at a less-active member's garden. She showed us how to make dandelion crowns (because she about 100,000 of them)

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