Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015 - In which I stay in Olomouc to follow-up train

Dear family,

We had quite the whirlwind week! I unfortunately have very little time to tell about almost anything it feels like, but we had a pretty good week. Transfers were today. I'm still the district leader in Olomouc, and I'm follow-up training Elder Smith. That means that Elder Smith has only been here for eight weeks so far and we have some stuff in the First Twelve Weeks program. Elder Petersen is still here, and will serve with Elder Nelson who was my companion in the MTC. With process of time I'm getting reunited with all my old companions! :)

H is continuing to do well. We're continuing to teach him the lessons again, but last week we also took a little time and showed him how to add his family history information to and we showed him how to prepare names to take to the temple. He has very little living family, but is looking for his ancestors. He's really excited to take his father's name to the temple when he receives his recommend.

L, to whom we gave a baptismal date last week, is still doing pretty well. We met with her twice last week and she came to General Conference on Sunday. She seemed kind of burdened and weighed down last week. Last Monday when we gave her her baptismal date, she was really excited to be baptized. She still is quite excited to be baptized, but on Friday she told us about some problems and things that she saw as severe sins that she had in the past. Most of it seemed like just worry She quite fervently believes that she can be healed through the gospel, but she still hasn't found the relief that she's looking for.

We really enjoyed Conference last weekend. I thought the talks on families were wonderful as well as the talks about repentace, the Savior, and His grace. We felt the Spirit and there were some people there at Conference that had never been to church before.

We had a great week overall. I sent a lot of pictures, and we had a culture night at the puppet theater, service at L's house, and a nice trip to visit a member family whom we home teach. We had some technical difficulties at the library, so I now I have no time at all to tell you about it :) Sorry!

Lots of love until next week,

Elder Boyce

One of our English students is a part of a puppet theater group. She really wanted us to go and see it last Thursday for our transfer culture night. We actually ended up just seeing a rehearsal, but even though it wasn't quite what we expected we got to play with the puppets before and it.

Old props!  

Old puppets!
We named this one Jasmine.

Our English student was one of the gossiping townspeople. A bunch of other people kneeled down behind her and they would gossip with each other.

The hills in the background are in Slovakia!

​For snacks between sessions at General Conference we made a triple batch of pancakes... We needed four pans going at once!

The missionaries with President Zatloukal


Service project last Friday at our investigator L's house; working on making an extremely large hole to put in a fountain. We were ripping out all the bricks.

Elder Boyce, Elder Petersen and Elder Prohaska

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