Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015 - In which we fly everywhere in a whirlwind of chaos

Dear family,

Last week was crazy! Teaching for two areas is a lot of work! We were extremely busy last week with trying to cover our areas. They were scattered everywhere all over Olomouc and the countryside and all day (including after morning workouts with investigators) and it was pretty chaotic. It was pretty difficult to fit in all of our studies and everything at normal times, and at times it felt like important things were getting left by the wayside.... Last week was fun, but very insane and it went a million different directions at the same time. Elder Foster is still waiting for his new companion to come from the US, so we were still all together this week. Apparently a two of the four of the new missionaries have their visas now but have to get out of their missions somehow (since they're in the middle of a transfer cycle now in their US missions their departure in those missions would have to be approved by the Mission Department, apparently) and another two are still just waiting for their visas. We still don't know when anyone is coming!!! :)) Elder Foster won't be serving with us this anymore, though. Until his new missionary comes he'll be serving with Elder Gashler, splitting half of his week in Olomouc and half of his week in Uherské Hradiště (which is about an hour and a half away). It was lot of fun to serve with him, but it might be for the best that we'll only be working one area so we can do a better job getting all of the things we need to do other than teaching done!

H is still doing well. During the last week we focused on finishing Lesson 5 (the after-baptism lesson from Preach My Gospel, but the Area Presidency wants us to teach that before baptism). Since we taught about family history and temple work he's already started working on his family history with the My Family booklet. We also started having him teach us parts of the lessons over again this week. Saturday he taught Elder Foster (with our help) the second half of the Restoration. Though it was a little bit jumbled up (he got tangled on some of the more minor details), he's understanding the most important things. He's still doing well and growing spiritually. He only has two weeks before his baptism now, so we're going to be working on last preparations for his interview this week and doing a lot of review.

The branch is still super cool. Saturday a member invited us out to a soccer tournament that his son was playing at because some of the other dads on the team wanted to find out more about us. That was a good experience. I still think that it's nice to serve in a little branch! :)

Things are going well! Even though we won't be with Elder Foster this week, we'll still be pretty busy. I had a twenty-minute talk during Sacrament Meeting yesterday. The weather is slowly starting to warm up; soon it will just be sweater weather again! That's just about everything, but thanks for the support.

Elder Boyce

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