Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015 - in which H gets baptized

Dear family,

Last week went well! H's baptism was on Saturday, which was a really nice service. There was probably 80-90% of the members there. We had a couple of wonderful talks and I think it was strengthening for everyone to be there. It was different from the last couple of baptisms that I've been to because only the members and the missionaries currently serving in that branch were there, and it was very good. A member baptized H and yesterday the branch president confirmed him and gave him a really nice blessing. We're excited for H to start growing in the branch and it seems like he's going to do very well. Lots of people came up to him and congratulated him on his baptism. It's already been decided that H will be a home teacher with us for now, but we'll try and work with the branch so that he'll be assigned to home teach with one of the Czech members. We think that the second counselor in the branch presidency would even be a good fit.

Right now we are teaching an investigator named L. She's from a nearby town and has been meeting with missionaries for a long while. She studies in Prague right now and mostly meets with the missionaries there but she's started coming to church every week now and seems to be growing a lot spiritually and growing in her faith in Jesus Christ. It's really great to see her grow, even though we don't meet with her much.

Other than that last week was pretty crazy. We were running all over town and it was pretty hectic. Elder Prohaska was feeling pretty ill a couple of days, which was a bummer. We feel like we're kind of struggling to help people progress along in the gospel. We need to do a lot of finding!

We don't have too much time again already, but thanks for the support! Pray for miracles during the next week :)

Elder Boyce

There was a solar eclipse during weekly planning.... pretty dramatic, as you can see :) The sun was supposedly 75% covered in this photo, but I can't tell! It was pretty dark outside, though.
This is another good photo that I didn't send last week.

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