Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30 , 2015 - In which Slovakia becomes an independent district

Dear family,

Last week went well! We had a few really crazy days! Last Wednesday in particular was really exciting. During the morning Elder Prohaska, Sister Keppner, and I went to help S, a long-time investigator do a little cleaning in her house. I haven't said much about S, but she's very nice and has probably known the church for five or so years. She struggles to smoke a little bit, but we had a good lesson with her about fasting and prayer. S has a young daughter, who has a lot of energy. It's exciting to try and teach or serve when she's at full energy, because she's a little like a tornado. After we met S said that hasn't smoked, though she didn't make it to church.

After going to S's we went and visited a nice member in a town 30 minutes away by train. She invited the two other young missionaries also, and on the way back into town after our visit, the tram doors closed in front of Elder Prohaska with me and the other two elders on the tram. We had to spend an hour looking for Elder Prohaska! It was pretty memorable.

After that we went and served in a former's garden, taught G and H, and then we went and visited a less-active member, L. L has recently returned from a stay in the hospital and is now living with his girlfriend. Since he's come back two or three weeks ago, however, he's come to church every week with her. Wednesday we were able to meet with them both and L's girlfriend, L, told us that she wanted to get baptized and was already living according to the Word of Wisdom. We were pretty surprised when she told us that! :) We taught her again on Friday and had a good meeting.

Thursday we had a zone conference in Brno. We talked about teaching in whatever situation we find ourselves in. It was a wonderful conference and perfect for me and my district.

Sister McConkie also got up and had a segment at the beginning of training. A lot of times she gives a health announcement or something like that at the beginning of training, but this time she gave a pretty emotional training about the dangers of pornography and how we need to make plans for how we can avoid it and stay strong when we get home from our missions. That was also really good. We were all glad to talk about that.

H is doing well still. He's fitting more and more into the branch, and he's continually more interested in the priesthood and temple work as we teach him. He's still continuing to grow very steadily. Overall he's doing well.

L is also doing well overall. We don't teach her too much because she lives in Prague during the week, but yesterday after church she invited us to her home in Prostějov. We met her parents and they STUFFED us with delicious Vietnamese food. She is thinking a lot about baptism. She hasn't quite settled on a date yet, but she's moving in that direction.

A stake is coming in the Czech Republic! Yesterday the first independent district was organized in Slovakia, and so now they are completely self-sufficient as a country and not part of the Brno district. In June a combined Prague District/Brno District conference has been announced... so we think that the first stake is about to organized in our mission! We are so excited! The Lord is hastening His work here in our mission.

I'm about out of time, but I'm doing well. Thanks for the letters and pictures. Lots of love,
Elder Boyce

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