Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014 - In which we work really diligently and are blessed

Dear family,

We had a pretty good week last week! I feel really satisfied with the work that we did. After our slow week last week, Elder Jaynes and I put a real focus on trying to reach the goals that we had set just before he got sick for this week, and I'd say that it kept us really focused the whole time.

We had a couple of really great meetings last week. We were blessed to find five new investigators last week. All of them are pretty interesting people, from our two Jehovah's Witnesses to our couple in the tiniest village in the world to a funny lady that has an opinion about everything. They're all pretty unique, but exciting!

Overall we're getting a lot of really good things into the fire. Last week we visited a less-active family, the Ř, which went really well. The family hasn't been coming to church for a long while because Sister Ř smokes, but we introduced her to the LDS Family Services' Addiction Recovery Program and she and her family came to church for the first time in several months yesterday! P P is keeping the Word of Wisdom, but it's still moving slow. P is also doing well, and told us that he wanted to find out if the Book of Mormon is true and then he said that he would start reading it right away. We went out to the home of our couple in the tiniest village in the world and they told us that they want to learn more, and so we'll be going out with the Sisters and Elder Žmolek to serve and teach on Thursday. Sacrament meeting yesterday was really wonderful. Six of our people came! All of the testimonies were really spiritual. It went super well.

Somehow we've come to the last week of the transfer again. I don't know how this sort of thing happens, but it has somehow. Time is just flyying by. In unrelated news, I was in Prague again today for visa work. I now officially have my long-term residence permit with biometric ID card, both good until the middle of January in 2016. In layman's terms, I'm legal :)

I'm doing really well. I'm feeling really productive and diligent. We had so many great experiences this week. I'm always so excited to find people that are interested in having a new and a better life, and it's always great to see them choose to give the gospel a try.

This weekend we're going to watch General Conference, and we made a bunch of visually appealing flyers to hand out this week. It should be great!

Elder Boyce

PS We woke up at 4:30 today to catch a 6:00 train to Prague. The sunrise was really pretty from the train. :)

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