Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014 - In which I don't win Conference Bingo

Dear family,

Last week went pretty well!!

Monday: We were in Prague for my last visa appointment. As we recall from last week, I am now legal. We had FHE at the building, with a really good turnout.

Tuesday: District meeting and a district singing display. We were singing and inviting people to General Conference, and handed out a bunch of flyers. We also had a lesson with P P and gave her a new baptismal date for the 8th of November. We put a focus last week back onto the basics of the Restoration, which seemed to provide her a really good foundation. We seemed to be moving too fast before that. We also had English that day and a lesson with P, which went fairly well.

Wednesday: We had a meeting with our Jehovah's Witnesses again. They were very nice, but don't seem very interested in our message. We also had a sucessful Family History course! This city hasn't seen a family history class that someone came to since last spring. We are working on trying to make that better and then find people that are interested in eternal families :)

Thursday: We went out with the Sisters to our couple in the tiniest village in the world to serve. We neatly stacked a veritable mountain of wood, had some lunch, and then had a great discussion about the Restoration.

Friday: We saw a miracle! We were just finishing up cleaning the building for Conference, and a young man walked into the building. He's here studying, but speaks almost no Czech or English, only Ukrainian and Russian. He said that his father is a member, so he searched out the Church. We were only able to communicate a little in Czech (mostly we had to speak via Google Translate), but he came to four sessions of General Conference (spoilers for Saturday and Sunday) and is meeting with the Sisters later this week. It's funny because we can speak with him hardly at all, but he's nice.

On Friday we also got our transfer calls! Elder Jaynes got called to serve in Prague, while I am still here in České Budějovice (with my new companion, Elder Cowley). President McConkie called us about transfers earlier than normal (normal is Saturday night), but that was really great because we got to use what we learned from General Conference to plan for this new transfer.

Saturday and Sunday were General Conference, which was wonderful. I felt like all of the talks were pretty much exactly what I need to here. I really appreciated how much of conference focused on having increased spirituality and being a stronger disciple of Christ. I learned a lot that informed some goals that I want to work on this transfer and into the future. In many ways I feel like I simply need to work on changing and purifying my heart, but I feel like there were a lot of great resources that I can use from General Conference. I also have more goals for seeking gifts from my patriarchal blessing and learning the language (listening to Conference in Czech was hard), but I don't have too much time to tell you about them!

Today we sent of Elder Jaynes and Elder Cowley came. I'm excited to work with Elder Cowley. He is REALLY excited to be here! It should be a great transfer :) I'm sure that I'm going to be learning a lot from him. We are going to get a lot of great work done this transfer.

I love you all a lot!

Until next week,

Elder Boyce

PS Meet the Mormons sounds great. It's not in the Czech Republic, but maybe we will get to see it later.

District conference - Brother and Sister Zmolek, Sister Dubois, Sister Scerra, Elder Boyce, Elder Jaynes

District lunch after the conference

Contacting while singing "Come to General Conference" on Lannova
Playing Vecer Her (similar to American Settlers of Cataan)
Beginning English class
Teaching a Family History class

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