Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014 - In which I strive to keep up

Dear family,

Last week was really exciting! We worked really hard. Pretty much everything last week went well. It was a whirlwind of a week, though. We are super tired (more than usual, anyway). Today for P-day we are taking naps!!

We had some really interesting first lessons last week. Elder Cowley is fearless at talking to everyone and inviting them to learn more, and we've contacted quite a few exciting people on the same street as the church building and then given them building tours right then.

We also had some great lessons with some of our investigators. We had a great lesson with P P last week and she came to both hours of church on Sunday! She hasn't come to both hours in a while. (There's only a two-hour block in České Budějovice.) P's wife, H, came to our lesson with P last week, which surprised us (pleasantly). Apparently she has been reading the pamphlets that we've been sending home with P the whole time, and she and P agreed that if they found out that the message was true, they and their children would get baptized.

Our conference miracle is doing well. He's natively from the Ukraine, and his name is V. The Sisters are teaching him at the moment, mostly through Skype with a Ukrainian YSA member, I, that lives in Prague. He has a baptismal date for sometime during November, and he came to church on Sunday. I also decided to come down for church and he translated for V. Overall it's a definite upgrade over communicating through Google Translate! :)

The weather here is going, for lack of a better word, topsy-turvy. Yesterday was a really nice day, above 70 degrees probably, but then today it has been rainy and windy and we heard that it might start to snow tomorrow!! The Czechs tell us that November will probably be worse. Today I finally broke down and bought a coat and some nice gloves. The Californian I-live-ten-minutes-from-the-beach part of me is starting to die away.... I suppose it happens to all of us.

I'm doing pretty well. Half the time I don't feel like I can keep up with Elder Cowley! He is a great missionary. If I can just learn to do half of the things that he's learned to do, I would be a much better missionary very quickly.

That's probably about all for this week!

Elder Boyce

Game night!

Náměstí (town square) at night

Fried cauliflower! Tasty :)

Elder Jaynes ready to leave for Prague

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