Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 - In which I'm either from Poland, Slovakia, or the Ukraine

Dear family,

I have two minutes! Email got cut short but about half an hour today, unfortunately!

I'm doing well, though. Probably only have time to tell you about one thing! During the last week I was asked three different times if I'm from some Eastern European nation (and someone asked if I was from America maybe once or twice). Apparently my accent is improving and people are starting to think that I'm one of their neighbors instead of an American :)

We're both doing well. I'm happy and for now that might have to suffice since we have to run out of the library to an appointment!!

Elder Boyce

Another picture of where the baptism was held a few weeks ago.

I got a Euro suit today! The suit and tie were $107 total. I fit in now :)

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