Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014 - In which winter makes a nasty comeback

Dear family,

Quite the crazy week! And I have almost no time to talk about it! There are a couple of things I want to talk about quickly, though.

Last Wednesday we started teaching a family! They live in Chlumec nad Ciblinou, a little town about 25 km away from Hradec Králové. They're so nice! They're a couple with two adult children (though the children aren't very interested). The father, J, is one of the nicest people that we've met. He and his wife, M, are currently members of the Hussite church, but they aren't happy there. They say that they have a lot of spiritual problems, and they need help. We had a pretty great first meeting. J has a member friend in Olomouc who sent him a Book of Mormon a little bit ago. He had already started reading in it before we came and has researched a lot of the church's beliefs, so actually was able to explain to his wife the Joseph Smith story for us. We're super excited for them!

An update on V: In Preach My Gospel it describes concerns as sometimes being like icebergs, where you only see the tip of the problem at first, and that turned out to be quite the accurate analogy for V's concern with the law of chastity. We still haven't enitrely worked through her concern yet, but she's doing very well again. We've reset her baptismal date for 6 June (a date that she picked herself and the last Friday of the transfer) and genuinely wants to understand everything and become a member. We're so excited for her!

The weather has been insane her in HK this past week. Around Wednesday night a giant storm moved in and kind of sat over us through yesterday. It brought very strong wind and rain, and it was also freezing cold that entire time! It truly felt like a winter storm all over again. It started to break up yesterday, and today it's 68 degrees and sunny. The members tell us it's supposed to get up to 82 degrees this week! We're surviving.

So sorry for the short letter. Those are the main updates :)

Elder Boyce

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