Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14,2014 - In which we try to combine three areas' work into one

Dear family,

So busy this week! I was right to think we'd have a lot up ahead! There's no way I could include everything that's going on. I'll try to sum up, though.

The branch here has about 30-40 members, and geographically includes all of HK and the neighbouring town, Pardubice. There are six missionaries between HK and Pardubice; Elder Bushnell and I here in HK, the zone leaders that serve in Pardubice, and the Bells, who are humanitarian missionaries that bounce all over the Czech Republic but live about a five minute walk away from us here in HK. As I briefly mentioned last week, last transfer in HK there was another set of elders and a set of sister missionaries, whose work Elder Bushnell and I have now taken on (including everyone that we were already working with!)

Hradec Králové is quite the city. Třebíč is so much smaller! HK has a ton of squares, old churches, and one or two universities. We do a lot of contacting near the university.

This past week we had some really interesting first lessons, and we met some interest people that we have first lessons with this week. We've also added three baptismal dates! One, P, is someone we're hoping to have him prepared by the third of May. The other two new baptismal dates, B and P, are quite interesting because we set their date during their first lesson! They're two friends studying at the hotelová škola here in HK and are dead-set on being baptized. We're a little concerned, because despite how much we emphasized the great commitment of baptism, we're not sure how much they understand the commitment aspect of it. They're excited, though, so we're excited for them!

I don't have much time, and I wanted to talk about conference, but love you!

Have a great week,
Elder Boyce

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