Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015 - In which I eat volleyballs and turkey

Dear family,

Let me tell you what happened each day :)

Monday: Nothing much happened. I slept according to orders from President :)

Tuesday was a pretty normal day! We had English classes in the evening, and we met a few nice people while we were out working.

Wednesday: We had district meeting in Uherské Hradiště. It was a good district meeting, we talked about talking to everyone. It was just what we needed. Afterwards I had stayed in UH with Elder Chapple. We had a pretty good exchange. In the evening we had an appointment at someone's house that fell through and we decided to try tracting the neighboring houses. We met a REALLY nice mother of some cute little boys that we gave a Book of Mormon to and wants the UH elders to return sometime this week.

Thursday: We finished the exchange with Elder Chapple. We headed back to Zlín, where I was going to stay with Elder Suwyn while we sent Elder Chapple and Elder Newman (our companions) off to Prague together for visa work. Elder Chapple and I were already in the bus back to Zlín, and then I asked the fatal question: "Do you have everything that you need for visa work?" and then get the fatal response: "Wait, what do I need for visa work?" He hadn't been told that he needed his insurance card, so we had to get off the bus and walked back into UH. Fortunately we were still only at the outskirts. We had a good laugh about it (or at least I did!) and decided that that was one of the funny moments that I'll cherish looking back at my mission because we were quite the sight, each of us carrying all of the things we needed for two days in grocery bags. Everything worked out, though, and they eventually made it to Prague.

Once we got them on their way Elder Suwyn and I had a good exchange. It was one of the sort of evenings where everyone was willing to talk to us! :)

Friday: In the morning Elder Suwyn and I had a lesson with I. She had been met by missionaries a long time ago but hasn't been making much progress. She's so nice, but she's not looking for a change and so we probably won't see much of each other in the future. In the afternoon we went looking for a service project to do Christmas Morning and talked to a really nice lady at the hospital! We might be able to sing in the long-term care ward Christmas Morning. After that we went back to Elder Suwyn's area in UH and worked until our companions came back from Prague. We stayed in UH for the night.

Saturday: We had a huge volleyball tournament in UH! Members came from all over Moravia, and there were also quite a few missionaries there. There's always a missionary team, and we did pretty well! We got second place in our track, tied for third overall. My glasses broke, though. On the way back we had a huge delay, (we got stranded in a town where we were supposed to have made a connection), and by the time we got back we only had an hour to work in Zlín. We went out, though, and met someone that we're going to meet with tomorrow (M) and a nice mother that will meet with the sisters in Pardubice.

Sunday: Pretty normal. We went to church and had a nice time with the members. I'm going to be the accompanist for the Primary program on the 28th (we have two kids in our Primary but they're going all out still) and we got a couple of invitations from members to come over for Christmas.

Today: We finally had Thanksgiving! You can see the pictures on the blog, but everything was tasty!

I'm about out of time (I actually really have to run), but we had a good week. There were a few moments that could have been frustrating, but we hugged it and we focused on working hard.

Elder Boyce
Sticking herb butter under the turkey skin was fun :)

This is serious business.


DELICIOUS! My first turkey went really well. It also cooked extremely fast; the turkey weighed only eight pounds and it cooked up in about about an hour and forty-five minutes.

We didn't have much seating, so Elder Newman and I sat at our study desks. We had turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, salad, and crystal light. Simple Thanksgiving, but it was tasty! :) After we had chocolate pie (it turned out really runny again!), pumpkin pie, and ice cream.

A nice​ view of our study desks and our district.
You may have noticed that I'm not wearing my general authority glasses, wellllll that's because they're no more. Last Saturday we had a big volleyball tournament and at one point I was standing of to the side talking to another missionary and a member and a ball came flying from nowhere and hit my face. The glasses lost.
On the way back from the tournament we were supposed to transfer on to a different bus in this city, Uherský Brod. Our first bus, though, was late coming in and we missed our connection. We were stuck here for a little bit in still our sports clothes. Eventually we got a train back, but in the end it took about 3 hours for us to get back to Zlín from Uherské Hradiště instead of 45 minutes like it was supposed to! It was a funny time, because I couldn't see a thing :)

I was very sad about my glasses :[

Oh, my.

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