Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015 - In which we have a proper run-in with the police

Dear family,

Last week was at once really good and also really difficult. I was feeling pretty sick for a lot of the week. Wednesday afternoon we were out working but I felt really strongly I was about to throw up, so we had to head back in for the night. I was out for a lot of Thursday, as well, unfortunately. I think a lot of it was mostly due to stress. Friday I got a blessing from Elder Newman, though, and I've been feeling so much less stressed, though my body still feels disgusting. The blessing helped because Elder Newman mentioned things that address specific concerns that I've only talked about with President. I've been feeling a lot more calm during the last couple of days, and I haven't been actively stressing. As I said my body still feels like it's falling apart, but I've been doing better at pushing through the physical discomfort.

Last week was a slower week for our area, but we still saw some miracles. We didn't have the greatest contact with the people in our teaching pool with everything that went on with me, but we still some some miracles, though. Friday night we found a great family in Otrokovice, a city at the edge of our proselyting area. They're really great, and it seems like the Lord has been preparing them. About a month ago the dad's brother suddenly died, but he was a big spiritual influence on the family that we're teaching and they seem to be looking for a stronger connection to God. They have LOTS of questions that are answered by the plan of salvation. Last night we had a return appointment, but they were sick so we went tracting instead.

While we were tracting I had my first (and hopefully only) proper encounter with the police! While we were out someone apparently filed a complaint after we knocked on their door and the officers went looking for us. It was slightly terrifying at the beginning, then got boring really fast. They basically told us that in Otrokovice it's against some sort of city code to go from door to door offering things, and then we had to wait for their partners to come from the national police for like 45 minutes (I'm not certain why the national people had to come; they didn't ask us almost anything at all). So we made small talk. They were really interested in us being Americans, but significantly less interested in religion :)

This week will be exciting. Yesterday we got rounded into the Uherské Hradiště branch's Christmas concert, which will be this Saturday. We had talked about taking part several weeks ago about taking part, but hadn't heard anything until the beginning of Sacrament Meeting yesterday in Zlín, when we found out that if we wanted to still take part there was a carload of Zlín members going to practice in UH right after sacrament meeting ends. So we practiced yesterday, and have another practice in about 25 minutes with other Zlín members, and the last rehearsal this Friday in UH. Even though we got roped in at the last second, it will be lots of the fun and the music is pretty familiar :)

That's about it for this week! Till next week!

Elder Boyce

This is the nativity that I bought last year.

The market keeps growing; there are twice as many stands as before!

They have a band every weekend and a projection of a children's cartoon every night.

Another view of the food vendors.

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