Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015 - In which the assistants come for exchanges

Dear family,

Last week was pretty exciting! On Wednesday the assistants came for an exchange. On Thursday when we worked together each of our companionships taught eight lessons. We've been teaching a lot in general during the last week, more than thirty. Our exchange was a real testament of how much we can do in a day; we each had only two lessons set up beforehand but talk six from teaching people that we met. It was a great exchange and we saw how much the Lord placed people at every hand that we needed to talk to. I can't say all that happened because of time, but we met all kinds of people, and they definitely needed something from. We weren't able to set up with almost anyone that we met, unfortunately; many of the people that we talked to ended up not being interested to find out more, but we felt that at the end of the day we definitely were supposed to meet all of the people that we met.

I feel like we're really at the breaking point for something wonderful to happen here in Zlín. I think the day that we had with the assistants showed it, but also how hard it's been since the exchange. Since then it's been, I feel, harder than before to talk to people and teach but at the same time we've been finally able to set up with some more people to teach them. I feel like I've been talking to so many people that my head is spinning a little bit, but I think we're in a good place.

During the past two weeks the investigators that we have as a goal to get baptized this transfer have all been on vacation, but this week J J and J and K should be back in Zlin. We are really excited to meet with them! :) We're praying for miracles there.

We've also seen during the last week some good progress with S D. We had a lesson with her last week where we went through a spiritual self-evaluation. We adapted the questions that Elder Ballard asked during priesthood session of general conference we're he talked about raising the bar. We left that list of questions and later in the week she told us that she had looked at them and realized that there was a lot that she actually can do to improve herself. We walked her to church on Sunday, and she's doing well.

I'm just about out of time, but we're still pushing forward in the work here, because we have great things going on!!

Elder Boyce

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