Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 30, 2015 - In which we go to Bratislava!

Dear family,

We've had a pretty exciting week! We've found a couple of new people this week that seem to have some potential. Both were referrals; one from a member and the other was someone that went to Mormon.org and requested a Book of Mormon. Our man that requested the Book of Mormon is a cool guy and we're excited to go back and teach him some more next week.

We're pretty excited for L. Elder Nelson and I our going to her baptism today! We've met with her a couple of times this week, and she's doing pretty well. It at least seems to me that she's more excited for her baptism than ever before. I think the opposition that she has been going through with her family made her realize how much she really wants to be baptized. She called us last night and told us that she was extremely nervous, but we're certain that she'll be doing fine soon :)

We had a couple of interesting lessons with L this week. This week she had fallen off the bandwagon a little bit of reading every day. She was still keeping the other commandments, but no reading. Yesterday we turned our lesson into a "Why we read the scriptures" lesson. It was actually a really good lesson. The Spirit was there, and she seemed to be understanding. At the end of the lesson it seemed like her focus was fading, though, and so we asked her what SHE was going to do because of what we had learned together. She said something about how she would focus more and she even came up with giving up one of her TV shows so she could read the Book of Mormon for a half an hour everyday. It was a good lesson :)

We really enjoyed training this week. Elder Smith and I learned a lot. It was a great battery-recharge for being excited to bless others even when it's difficult and there were a couple of other specific things that we learned. The journey to Bratislava was really long, we left our apartment at3:30 am, walked to a far-away bus stop to catch the bus to the train station (normal trams and buses don't run that early), caught our train at4:24, had training, and then our first train on the way back left Bratislava 35 minutes so we missed our connecting train. We had to wait two hours for the next connecting train and didn't get back to our apartment until 9:30... 18 hours later! We were a little crazy by that point but it was good.

Have to run to L's baptism!
Elder Boyce

Ready to wack the crazy people off with my scriptures and stab them with my keys (I'm a little paranoid at 3:30 in the morning)

It looks like LA to me.

At the training with our favorite missionary front and center!

18 hours later back at the same bus stop... not amused.

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