Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015 - In which summer arrives to cleanse the earth by fire

Dear family,

We've had a busy nine days since we last wrote! We've had L's and L's baptisms, both of which went well. Elder Smith and I taught a lot last week. A lot of our newer investigators are starting to become progressing investigators, like Mr. S and J (who requested the Book of Mormon through The last time we visited Mr. S we also met his wife, who is really nice. The S (the S family) wanted to come to church yesterday, but they didn't make it and said that they will next week :)

L's baptism was nice. A lot of members came and H gave a talk during the meeting. (Proud parent moment: Elder Smith and I helped him write his first talk.) It was held at a pool of a hotel near the center of Olomouc. It was HOT down there, but it was hotter outside! I confirmed her yesterday at church.

H is doing okay. He's living in an spare room of L and M's. We're still meeting with him a couple of times a week to keep up on him. He gave his first talk on Saturday at the baptism :')

L's also doing well. Her baptism was well-attended. In Prague there's a lot more members that speak only English, so it was very interesting for me because basically all of it was in English and Czech. The talks and everything was at the mission home/church building in Prague, and then the baptism was at a pretty spot near the outskirts of Prague. I confirmed her the day after her baptism in Olomouc and she's excited to be a new member.

It's suddenly become extremely hot in the Czech Republic, almost too hot to think. Send Otter Pops :) I'm out of time, but enjoy the pictures and your week! I think that Suzie is graduating from high school this week, so congrats!!!!!

Elder Boyce

Another one from Bratislava conference with Elder Kearon (stolen from Elder and Sister Cottle). You can see that I make my district sit on the front row!
Country villages

Summer has arrived! It is boiling hot and muggy again in the Czech Republic. This is a photo I took on the train on the way to the M's yesterday. It was about 90 degrees outside but probably more in the train. The countryside was beautiful, though.

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