Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015 - In which I can't make up a title

Dear family,

Like always, we've had quite the week! I'm feeling healthier than last week. We ended up only being grounded on Sunday, though Sister McConkie ordered (both of) us to take naps a couple of times. Brno is pretty cold and it's been snowing most of the last week, but I'm feeling better and not coughing so much, etc.

Our whole district is really excited because the Sisters' investigator, T, has finally decided to get baptized. I taught T in České Budějovice months ago with Elder Jaynes, but she decided to stop investigating the Church. At the beginning of the school year she moved here to Brno and Sister DuBois, who knew T in České Budějovice when she was served there at the same time as I did, started to teach her. They've been meeting again for a couple of months, and two weeks ago our whole district fasted for her so that she would accept a new baptismal date. She accepted a date that day for March 6th, but last Tuesday she received an answer to prayer and knew that she had been prepared for baptism for some time already. She told the Sisters that she wanted to move to February 14th! We're so excited because she seems so different from before she moved up her date. She's happier than we've ever seen her, and is really excited to be baptized. It's been quite miraculous to see.

Last week was at once really difficult but I'm also feeling really blessed. We taught a little more than the week before, and met some good people. It's kind of difficult to explain how I'm feeling here. I had some of the most difficult days of my mission so far, where I felt like I was essentially wandering aimlessly and nothing that came out of my mouth made any sense, but I'm also feeling that I'm learning a lot about missionary work and relying on the Lord. Despite how difficult it was to keep walking through the snow sometimes, I feel like I've been truly supported and the Lord is teaching me to do hard things that I haven't been able to do before. We've had a couple of miracles and met some people that we think that the branch really needs here in Brno.

One that we were able to teach was M. He told us almost right off the bat the dirt on us among Christians is that we're heretics because we believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God, but he said that he couldn't say because he hasn't read the Book of Mormon. We met him on Friday and we had another meeting yesterday. It went pretty well, but he wants some time to read the Book of Mormon. He didn't want us to come back at first for two months, but he eventually said that he wanted us to say what every single person needs in life we could come back in a week! :) He seems to really think and ponder about spiritual things and doesn't seem to be afraid to work to find his answers. We need him in the branch!

I don't have too many other people to talk about, but B is doing well. She received a calling yesterday to be a Sunday School teacher. We've met a couple of times now with L, who's a nice, honest guy. Last week when we met with him we invited him to pray about whether or not our message was true, but he said he could already feel that it was! We have to teach pretty slowly, but he's doing well.

Thank you for your prayers and letters!

Elder Boyce

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