Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2016 - In which transfers give us all a surprise

Dear family,

Last week was great! A lot of things happened! There was something worth mentioning almost every single day of last week, so I'll give you the day-by-day breakdown :)

Tuesday we scraped paint all morning! One of the members is redoing their apartment, so we helped to scrape paint from the wall. The paint that Czechs use on their walls is water-based, so we spent the morning spraying the walls with water and essentially scooping off goo that use to be paint. It was an experience!

During the afternoon on Tuesday we went and followed up with someone that we met tracting near our house. We didn't talk very long when we first met last Sunday, just that he wasn't a believer and that we'd still love to talk to him, and he invited us back. When we returned we found that he has a lot of questions of the soul and had a great meeting. He was really eager to have us back, and so missionaries will be going by later this week.

Wednesday we had the last district meeting of the transfer, which was really good, and we took part in the Brno Knighting tradition. One of the members here every transfer invites all of the missionaries to the city castle, Špillberk, and we are knighted as official Brňaks. We get a little medal and certificate and everything.

Thursday I was on exchanges with Elder Sylvester in Bohunice. Our exchange went really well. At the very end we went tracting. The first door that we knocked on let us in and we were able to teach a lesson!

Friday was T's baptism! That was a great day. Missionaries that taught her came from all ends of the mission, and for a couple of them it was their last weekend as missionaries.

Saturday was a roller coaster. We had a great lesson with L (B taught with us), then for our transfer culture night we went to the Brno National Theatre. The whole Brno district plus a few members went to see a series of three one-act ballets. It was really good, but everyone agreed that T was the star. She is an excellent violinist and during the third ballet she was the soloist. We all sat on the front two rows, and though the ballet was pretty good, during that act we were all more focused on how fast she was playing the violin!

After the ballet we got our transfer calls. It felt to me like we had all sort of forgotten about the upcoming transfers, but we weren't at all expecting what happened! Elder Yentes and I are both being transferred away. I'm going to Olomouc with Elder Prohaska and Elder Yentes went to Zlín with Elder Earl. I'll be the district leader in Olomouc. Meanwhile our proselyting area in Brno is being suspended because there aren't enough missionaries to go around in our mission, and there will only be four proselyting missionaries in Brno.

We were pretty shocked and yesterday was a strange day. We spent most of the day working on handing our investigators and other contacts over to the Bohunice Elders and the Sisters and packing. Brno will be in good hands but it's strange to be leaving so soon in this way. I'm excited to be serving in Olomouc, though! I've never been a district leader before and I'm excited to serve with Elder Prohaska again. He was one of my companions in the MTC.

I don't have much more time, but lots of love!

Elder Boyce

Elder Yentes and I with St Peter's Cathedral in the background

The tallest building in the Czech Republic (this also helps you to be able to see how very high up on a hill the castle Spillberk is)



Špillberk Castle

Last sunset in Brno, just around the corner from our house.

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