Monday, December 15, 2014

December 14, 2014 - In which I depart České Budějovice

Dear family,

Big changes are afoot! I've been transferred from ČB and am now serving in Brno, which is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. The branch here is the largest in the mission and functions most like a ward would. In fact, this branch will probably be reorganized as a ward as soon as a stake is established here.

I'm really excited to be serving here. My new companion is Elder Yentes, who is also from California near Fresno. We live in an apartment below one of the members, who was instrumental in keeping the Church alive during Communism and our apartment is where they held Sacrament meeting during Communism!

I don't know too much about how the work in this area is going right now, but I know that one investigator, B, should be getting baptized on January 13th. I haven't met very many people yet, but I should be meeting all of the YSA tonight at FHE. There are a lot of missionaries serving in this branch, also. There are two companionships of Elders, a companionship of Sisters (Sister DuBois is serving here), and three senior couples. Two of senior couples work specifically on Family History and are in the archives every day.

I don't have a lot to update about the work in České Budějovice. The main one is that yesterday after church we had a meeting with E. She's still doing fairly well, but she truly has bad connections to get to church. Starting on the 21st Sacrament Meeting in ČB will begin at 10:00 am, but the first train doesn't arrive in ČB until 10:15, and yesterday she wasn't able to arrive at church until 10:45 or so. She needs to get to church on time somehow, but how she can isn't clear. There's not much that I can do to address that now since I've been transferred, but I'll keep praying that they find a way. Elder Cowley and Elder Pruden (who replaced me) will probably need to do a lot of praying, also! I'm confident that Elder Cowley and Elder Pruden will take good care of the area.

I'm excited to be here in Brno! I've never served in such a large city before, but I'm excited to be here. I was really stressed out leaving České Budějovice, but once I arrived I felt strongly that I am supposed to be serving here. I'm excited to try to face the challenges of working in this area/during this transfer.

I don't have a lot more to say, and my computer is about to run out of time, but I'll talk to you more later!

Elder Boyce

Our favorite missionary!
Saturday we had the branch Christmas party...we decorated!


We made tasty gulash and dumplings and cabbage!
This morning the bus from České Budějovice to Brno stopped in Třebíč!!!! I was really excited!! I could only see it from the bus, but I talked Sister Fredrickson's ear off about Třebíč since she was traveling with me (to get to her new area she traveled with me from České Budějovice to Brno and then connected in Brno).

The Třebíč clock tower!! I drove practically right past the missionary apartment.
 I was really excited.

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