Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014 - In which we have a Christmas concert

Dear family,

I'll have to send just a quick update today! I kind of ran out of time.

Last night we had a really great concert. We had about 30 people in attendance, and we counted 13 adult non-members there. We had a some people from our family history class (who brought a friend), a very nice couple that Elder Jaynes and I contacted last transfer who accepted a Book of Mormon at the end of the concert and would like us to come to their Bible study group, J (our baptismal date), an investigator that is now progressing a lot better than before and was able to meet a lot of members, and quite a few members. It was a really nice success.

I have been sick off and on since Thursday. I haven't missed a full day of proselyting yet, but I keep on feeling better then doing too much and then getting sick. Today was the worst; I crashed for about four hours today. We didn't get a lot of our p-day things done, but we had a nice Thanksgiving dinner today with the district. I made chocolate pie.

J and E are both doing quite well. They are accepting and living according to the commandments as we are teaching them, and we are wrapping up with the missionary lessons. They are both progressing towards their baptismal date of the 13th of December, which we are excited.

(Speaking of baptisms, the sisters didn't have a baptism last week. V is still preparing.)

Not too much more time, but lots of love from here!
Elder Boyce

Making a chocolate pie this morning for our district Thanksgiving Day feast.

My finished pie!

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