Monday, November 17, 2014

November 10, 2014 - In which I have no time

Dear family,

Last week was good. Things have been going well with our investigators overall. J, our YSA, is still excited about his baptism. During one lesson last week we asked him what we should do to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ. The way he answered shows about how he's doing; he thought for a moment then said, "We should probably pray, definitely keep the commandments, and probably read the scriptures, also." The current concern with him is that he still hasn't made it to church. Another YSA, K, that we've met has also started to progress pretty well. He prayed probably the first in his life during our lesson this week and came to church on Sunday. We met with P P twice last week. She's not hysterical anymore, but she's repeating herself at every lesson with her same problems, and she can't seem to quite grasp that the gospel only works if she lives it. R and A have been dropped. They're not actually too interested in the gospel. E was sick last week so she couldn't meet or come to church. H was in Sweden, P has been unavailable, and we couldn't visit J and T (the couple in the littlest village in the world), so nothing to say about them.

The sisters had a baptism that went really well! There were a lot of things that went awry during the baptismal service, but the baptism itself was perfect and the sisters' investigator, R, is really well prepared to be a new member and she'll be amazing. She's a mom and some of her family is interested in the gospel, also.

I'm a little over time, but I wanted to send a quick update.

Lots of love,

Elder Boyce

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