Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 8, 2014 - In which we serve at the Wallace Toronto Project

Dear family,

We had quite an interesting week last week! There were a couple of really exciting things that went on, first of all probably the Wallace Toronto Project, which was in Plzeň. It was put on by the Wallace Toronto Foundation, a foundation started by returned Czech/Slovak missionaries which performs service in the Czech or Slovak Republics every year. Wallace Toronto, in whose memory the foundation is named, was the president of the Czechoslovak Mission for more than twenty years starting from after WWI ended to his death during the Communist era. He has a terribly interesting, inspiring story that I'll have to tell you another time. Google it! (Also his wife Martha Toronto Anderson wrote an autobiography The Cherry Tree Behind the Iron Curtain).

For the project we left our area to go to Plzeň Friday afternoon for the fireside Friday night, served all day on Saturday, and then didn't arrive back until 8pm Saturday night. For the project about 100 members from all over the mission spent all day serving at a variety of locations. My group was a home for disabled people and we lacquered a very, very, very, long fence. Everyone smelled like turpentine afterward, because we had to clean up with paint thinner and I'll leave it at that :)

Other exciting things! We met with both P and finally E this week and had good meetings. We're not sure about meeting their dates of the 27th, but both should be ready to be baptized sometime this transfer. Unfortunately H says she's too busy to meet, but hopefully with time she'll be able to again.

Dad had a question about both the fish and the America monument in Plzeň (in the pictures that I sent). There's not too much to tell about those other than what I had said... :) The America monument is just something that we walked by in Plzeň Plzeň and I thought that the Czech on it was really funny because it was really informal! The fish was a pretty funny coincidence :)

As for how I'm doing personally, I've mentioned that this area has very particular challenges. That's still true and I believe I've been sent here at this time in my life and mission for a particular reason to learn from them. I'd love to go into details, but I already have no time to :) Just know that I'm really needing to learn how to pray, receive answers, and recover from mistakes and errors more than ever before! It's very difficult and sometimes frustrating, but I'm learning how to rely on the Lord and that's hard work! I'm still glad to be here, though.

That's about all the time I have.

Lots of love,
Elder Boyce

These are the young missionaries of our district at the Toronto Project fireside (plus the Elder on the right)
Sister Scerra, Sister DuBois, Elder Jaynes, me, and Elder Pearce

A few pictures of the Toronto Project

A street scene in Plzeň
This monument is just endlessly amusing. It commemorates how the American Army liberated Plzeň and the Czech Republic at the end of WWII, and is dual-lingual, but the Czech just sounds sooooooo informal. It's hilarious.
A fish with a story: One day last week we were walking along the river and we suddenly ran into a potential investigator as he was catching this fish. This was also really funny :)

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