Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 - In which we have training and an exchange

Dear family,

Last week went pretty well! I don't think I mentioned last week, but we had to go to Prague again last Monday. I had even more visa work. I think that I have one more appointment on the first Monday of October, but that should hopefully be the last appointment for my visa work! I'm sure that that just means that I'll serve with a younger missionary next transfer and have to go for all of his visa stuff :)

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty good days. Tuesday night we had our normal English classes and afterwards many English students stayed for our Intro to Mormonism presentation. We had a great discussion about the Great Apostasy and teased the Restoration a little bit. One of the Sisters' students even started to meet with them last week and came to church on Sunday.

On Wednesday we also met with P P. We had a reasonably good meeting. We moved her baptismal date back a couple of weeks because we haven't been meeting enough to teach everything. We didn't get to meet with E last week, either, and so we're going to have to move her baptismal date back, at the next meeting that we have with her.

Thursday we had a great training in Prague. There was a great section on finding where President McConkie talked a lot about how the Lord is gathering His people. It was a great testimony builder! I love going to trainings because it helps me stay out of a rut and keeps me improving.

I had a great exchange with Elder McOmber Thursday after training. He's super excited to talk to everyone and a great example. Elder Jaynes and I had been struggling to get to people to stop for us, but after our exchanges and training we were able to a lot better. The difference that we noticed was that when we had the expectation that people were going to stop and talk to us, they actually will! I don't if that's a product of faith or what, but contacting is more fun because we're able to talk to more interesting people that way!

Thursday night during the exchange we met with P again. We had a pretty good lesson at his restaurant. He's so great!

Meanwhile we are getting a concert ready for next Sunday as a creative finding tool. We're hoping that that will be really good!

Thanks for all the support and love. Until next week!

Elder Boyce

Note: The Elder McOmber that Daniel talks about is my sister-in-law's nephew so Daniel's 1st cousin by marriage.

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