Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014 - In which I send greetings from Prague

Dear family,

Today I am in Prague! This morning I had some visa work, another step in the (apparently) complicated process to get a long-term residence permit with biometric identity card.... Terribly fun and each time I have something to do it's necessary to sit in a room a lot like a DMV here in Prague. Normally we would have returned to our area immediately after visa work, but we get to spend P-day here and then spend the night with some other Elders because we have training early tomorrow morning. It should be a nice P-day, though, right after we finish emailing we're running off to a museum that President recommended.

This past week was pretty interesting! I think that I've already mentioned this, but České Budějovice has a different feel than the other areas that I've served in. Our responsibilities feel quite a bit more complicated here and I'm less sure how to address them. There aren't as many priesthood brethren here as in many of the other branches, so our responsibilities include much more leadership in the branch. A Czech member presides over the branch, but Elder Žmolek (one of the senior missionaries here) is the first counselor in the branch presidency and Elder Jaynes (my companion, as you remember) is the second counselor.

Our load here is a bit more technically difficult or awkward to carry, but we're still seeing a lot of miracles! Last week we the Lord blessed us with specific answers to specific challenges and questions concerning the work, and we committed another investigator to baptism (H, whom we met last week). We've also made some pretty specific plans on how to carry out the work of strengthening the members, and we're really excited.

As for updates with people we're teaching, Paní (which means Mrs.) P was at church and is doing quite well. T still has a lot of questions, and she seems to be very frustrated by them. I still haven't met E, our other baptismal date, but hopefully she'll be back from Slovakia soon. We had a good lesson with H and her family (still haven't met the husband), and as I mentioned H accepted a baptismal date :) She was sick so she couldn't come to church.

I'm doing well. This area is definitely stretching me a lot, but I'm glad to be here because it's teaching me how to rely on the Lord already.

Elder Boyce

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