Monday, February 10, 2014

Pictures from Prague!

A few pictures of the plane trip to Prague....
Ready to get on the plane at Heathrow

Flying over the English Channel
On approach to Prague

Finally landing in Prague after 27 hours of travel time!
These next pictures are from the walking tour that President and Sister McConkie took the missionaries on after they arrived at the mission home.  Most of the captions from Daniel included..."Prague can't be real at all."  It is such a beautiful city!  It was untouched by the bombing and fighting during both world wars because the Czech people surrendered during both wars and therefore did not suffer the destruction many of the other European countries suffered.

This is a view from the hill near the mission home where President McConkie told the missionaries about the Velvet Revolution. In the photo you can see Karlův Most (Charles's Bridge) and the National Theatre in the background.
Daniel touching the dog on Charles's Bridge - it means he will come back to Prague.

Changing of the guard at the castle in Prague.

The National Theatre in Prague

Just a few more beautiful views in Prague.

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