Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014 - In which we pray for a Stake of Zion and dishwashers in the Czech Republic

Dear family,

So many things have happened! Just a week ago I was in Utah at the MTC and now I am in the Czech Republic in Třebíč! Flying here was crazy and long. Departing was very stressful, as the MTC didn't give direction as to which bus we should get on, and it took us two whole hours to get our bags checked in. After that it was okay (for the most part). In Dallas I got to talk to family at home! That was really nice, but also bizarre, unreal, and overwhelming because I haven't talked to anyone over the phone recently. It was still nice, though. The London Heathrow airport is insane. I don't have time to describe it in detail, but there was a lot of buses inside the airport, and a lot of security, and everyone had a pleasant accent that basically made it feel like a Doctor Who episode.

Prague was a whirlwind! We were there for only about twenty-four hours, but during that time I met President McConkie and his family, walked around Prague, had my first real Czech food, dealt with the foreign police (which was a PAIN) and met my companion, Elder Gilmore.

Now I'm here in Třebíč! I love it here. Right now we have two progressing investigators, Sestra Š and M. M has a baptismal date for the 22nd! We also do a lot of work with the branch less-actives. Třebíč has the highest rate of active members in the mission, and there are about 30 members that come every week. This past week we've met with quite a few members, and have even more planned for this week.

I don't have time to go into details (I spent a lot of time sending photos), but I'm excited for the work here! The Lord is getting this place ready and I don't want to be the limiting reagent. Our mission vision statement says that we will work with a sense of urgency towards a Stake of Zion in the mission; we really want that and the Lord is getting Třebíč ready! I've already seen improvements in myself this week that I know are miracles.

I'm excited to have the chance to work here! The Czech people are interesting and I'm still learning to love them, but I'm so excited to be here.

Starší Boyce

Daniel on a hill overlooking Třebíč
We live basically right below the tower.

A close-up of the tower we live below.

This is a doener kebab. It is Turkish food that I haven't had since Detmold. IT IS DELICIOUS

The St. Procopius Basilica
The Basilica is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

A close-up of the Basilica.
A beautiful building in Třebíč "it can't be real either!"
This is what is left of Třebíč's look-out tower.
 This is communist-era housing! The Czech people, for the most part, actually like the communist housing because they need affordable housing and now that they're not grey anymore they like them quite a lot!
Our favorite Czech missionary!

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