Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015 - In which we press on

Dear family,

We're doing pretty well here in Brno! We are working hard to build up our area, and we made some good progress last week. We taught more quite a lot more than we did last week, and had some great conversations with people. Not a lot of people are wanting to meet with us, but we're still trying to work hard.

B is still doing pretty well. We're excited for her baptism tomorrow, but unfortunately she won't be able to come to church in Brno this Sundayso she can't get confirmed until the 25th. She's already a really strong almost-member, so she should be fine.

We had a couple of really great experiences being out and about. This week we spent a few evenings tracting. We have a letter that we stick in people's mailboxes that talks about who we are as missionaries, then we go back a couple of days later to follow up on it. One evening this past week we talked to a dad that was really against the idea of a church. We kept talking to him a little bit and he ended changing his attitude. By the end of the conversation he was so much more open about talking about religion. It was pretty unbelievable! He wasn't to interested in finding out if our message was true, but he had a completely different idea about us than the one he had when we first knocked on his door.

We also had a great miracle just walking around the city and contacting. We ran into a less-active member who had no correct phone number or address on Church records. He gave us his new phone number because he'd like to meet with us again, which is a huge miracle. You know that especially if you've ever gone out to try to find someone who hasn't been to church in ten years to come to find out that their address is completely incorrect!

We've had some crazy weather this past week! We've had everything from ice storms to sunny and 17 degrees Celsius. It's been insane.

I don't have a lot more time, but I wanted to say that I'm doing well and I'm trying to just press on (or if you like Mark 2, I'm just trying to carry my corner of my friends bed).

Elder Boyce

PS Attached is a photo of how Czechs recycle :) This is across the street from our building.

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