Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December 25, 2013 - In which it's Christmas!

Vesele vanoce! Merry Christmas!

I only have twenty minutes for email today! I was expecting a full hour but they told last night that after our devotional that we'd only have twenty. I'll still be emailing on Friday, though!

Since I only have twenty minutes today, I'll have to forgo giving you a rundown of the past week's events. Sneak peek for Friday: Brother Randall (who's in missionary administration) and his wife spoke to us, with the surprise guest speaker of Sister Payne from the District 1! Last night Elder Evans of the Seventy, who is the fourth member of the Missionary council with Elder Nelson, Elder Bednar, and one of the presiding Bishopbric. Both were great! Also we learned how to do past tense in Czech! Woooooo!!

I love all of you so much! I'm so excited to be serving the Lord for two years! It's strange because every day I'm probably more stressed than I've ever been (including right before AP testing) but I'm still filled with peace. It doesn't make sense, but I know that it's because of the Spirit that I'm able to move forward with confidence every day!

I'm so grateful for the gift of the Atonement! I heard someone yesterday say (I think it was Elder Evans but I'm not sure because we hear from so many people!) that without the Atonement we would never celebrate Christmas. I've been studying a lot about that this week. One of our investigators, Pavel, is trying to understand how the Savior could have completed it.

Nephi tells us at one point that he doesn't understand everything, but he knows that God loves his children. I don't understand the how of the Atonement very well, but I know how it can help me. It strengthens me every day to become a better person and to serve those around me more effectively. It helps me to feel peace every day, and I'm so grateful. I'm especially grateful that I can teach people who have never heard of the Atonement every day!

I'm a little over time now, but today remember that gift! The Atonement is God's greatest gift to us! He loves us so much!

I love all of you that are reading this!

Merry Christmas,
Starší Boyce

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